Marriage License Fraud - The Biblical

Marriage License Fraud

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"What every Christian couple should know... before signing a marriage license."

God created marriage, not the government. Marriage is a holy covenant between 1 man and 1 woman in the sight of the Most High God. The government has taken that which is holy and reduced it to a secular 3 way covenant, in the form of the marriage license. Marriage License Fraud directs couples back to the knowledge of God regarding the covenant He initiated.

Chapter-by-chapter this book explains:

• How the State marriage license came about in the first place.

• How to avoid the state from using the marriage license to act as god and parent over your family.

• How George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were married legally without a marriage license, and how you can too. Learn the truth about Common Law Marriage, the U.S. constitution and your rights as a citizen.

• How the U.S. Supreme Courts redefinition of marriage affects marriages moving forward.

• How to get out of a marriage license if you are already in one, while maintaining the integrity of your marriage.

• How to legally change your name without signing a marriage license.

If the government can take the 10 commandments and prayer out of public schools, why shouldn't Christians be able to take their private marriage covenant out of the government?

Marriage License Fraud exposes deception surrounding the marriage license, offering real solutions for those looking to align their marriage with God’s definition, rather than the government’s.


What people are saying....

“As believers, we are to be seekers of Truth. Not just in the area of our faith but in all areas and aspects of our lives, Truth is Truth. Joshua Paul brings a very biblical and very important message on how, “God's people perish for a lack of knowledge." The enemy will do his very best to deceive God’s people into opening doors that will allow him to steal, kill and destroy. He has been doing so from the beginning. Joshua Paul exposes what most would look at as a very positive thing, the marriage license is actually a contract with far more reaching implications than we could imagine. Marriage License Fraud is a must read for anyone who is married or looking to get married. This is actually one of, if not the biggest puzzle piece as to why marriages are failing in this nation. The state marriage license is a spiritual problem at the root and if it is not dealt with, things will only get worse.” – C. Toda

“Joshua has written a challenging book for all married Christians and those considering marriage. Those who desire to honor G-d in their marriage would be wise to get this book.” – D. Spitz


“Wow Wow Wow Wow!!!!

I was absolutely ASTONISHED at how well researched it was. It took me a while to read as my husband wanted to read it WITH me. Too many books identify a problem and do not offer solutions. The entire book was so incredible. I must admit that the bible is the only book that I have ever highlighted and I have to say that in this book, I highlighted so many awesome points that I had to eventually quit because half of every page was bright yellow!! I resorted to paragraph brackets. Lol! Seriously, it has changed my husbands view and reassured him on our right and spirit led decision.

We both learned so much and are so grateful for the book.

What a timely message!!! Definitely recommending it to all of my friends!” - L. Sipe


"How can a marriage license be possibly a bad thing?" Well, what we don't know can destroy more than just our marriage. This book really goes beyond opinion and lays out biblical proof as to why we as believers are NOT to partake of a marriage license. This isn't just some buck the system rebellious notion, no not at all, this ties directly into yoking our selves and our union with our spouse and the fruit of our marriages (children, generations) to the spirit of the age and NOT the One, True, Living God. When God says, what He has put together let no man put asunder, the marriage license can be seen very clearly as an assault against God's will and ways. We have been seeing marriages, especially in the Body of Christ, under serious attack. I believe this book is an answer to prayer for many who are crying out for their marriages to be saved and also for those who are desperate to do things God's way. Please share this book and give it to others!! It is a must read for all during this time!" - C. Yasou


"Once I started reading the book I could not put it down. It was a very refreshing, easy to read, thought provoking, revelatory book that spoke to my spirit. and gave me hope for my future!

I am so happy to live in the United States of America, where we all have the religious freedom to marry and enter into a covenant marriage with God instead of a covenant with the state, who currently does not recognize, THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR of marriage. Now that we realize that signing a covenant with the state may imply more than we have asked for it, is time to us to take back marriage. Lets take back REAL marriage covenant and let God hover over the covenant for us. I personally believe that honoring a covenant with God will bring the long awaited blessings we desire in the marriage relationship. Lets honor THE covenant keeper.We trust you God! Forgive us for not taking your creative genius of marriage serious. May marriage be the REAL union, we have always longed for in Eden and let it to be what is was intended, since the beginning of time." - Annette


"Marriage License Fraud is a must read. Marriage is a holy covenant between husband and wife unto God and not an ungodly contract with the government through a marriage license. This book brings much clarity through scripture, history and revealing truths on the dangers of the marriage license. It also gives very practical solutions on how to be legally married without one. Romans 12:2 "Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect." It is very timely message in light of the supreme court decision and the reality of the times we live in and what is coming." - Teresa


"An important and thorough discussion on the subject of returning Marriage to God's purview, by refusing to put it in the hands of the government entity that endlessly plays at trying to be a god. For those that have uttered the words, "Thy Kingdom come, " marriage is a fundamental starting point!" C.G.