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  • Mission
    The Biblical Marriage.com exists to bring knowledge to men and women regarding the covenant of marriage, as the Creator intended it from the beginning of time.

  • Vision
    To educate and influence an entire generation regarding the beauty of purity, holiness and sanctity of sexuality in the context of marriage between one man and one woman.  To re-establish family in culture to where they are not simply scraping by, but are thriving in all arenas of life. 

  • About the Author
    Joshua Paul grew up in a Christian home, attending private Christian schools and non-denominational Church on Sundays. He graduated college from a top #10 business school – USC’s Marshall School of Business with an emphasis in entrepreneurship from the #1 program in the nation Lloyd Greif School of Entrepreneurship. He is a #1 Amazon best selling author, entrepreneur and philanthropist, looking to glorify Jesus in all of life. Joshua is the author of The Biblical Marriage: For God or Government?.