Why do I need a marriage license? Is it illegal not to have one?

Why Do I Need a Marriage License?

Why Do I Need a Marriage License? Why Do *You* Need a Marriage License?

Why Do I Need a Marriage License?

I realized in 2008 that I didn't "need" a marriage license, but the journey to that conclusion wasn't easy. Here's my story.

Marriage and the State: A Question of Belonging

In 2008, I questioned why Christian ministries apply for 501(c)(3) status, given that the U.S. Constitution grants people the right to gather freely. Why bind ministries to state laws and limitations on free speech? This led me to wonder: What other institutions is the government involved in unnecessarily?

Marriage in the Eyes of God and the State

Is a state-issued marriage license necessary for holy matrimony? If marriage began in Eden, why now the "marriage license"? What gives the state the right to license marriage, a sacred institution created by God? These questions set me on a journey to explore the relationship between marriage, the state, and the Church.

The Importance of Marriage in the Church and Society

To gain understanding, I explored the Word of God, the laws of the land, and the past, present, and future of marriage. This exploration aimed to shed light on how Christians can enter marriage rightly before God and the law, ensuring the longevity of marriages and families.

Let No Man Separate

An Alternative to the Marriage License

During my journey, I realized I wanted my marriage to be set apart for God alone. In 2009, I began dating a wonderful woman. Early in our relationship, I asked if she was comfortable not having a marriage license. She agreed, but things took a different turn as we planned our wedding.

Conversations with Family and Friends

The topic of the marriage license came up with her parents, and her mother insisted I couldn't marry her daughter without one. This led to discussions about the legalities of marriage and the importance of seeking God's counsel in all matters.

Joshua and the Gibeonites: A Biblical Example

The story of Joshua and the Gibeonites reminded me of the importance of asking for God's guidance. Like Joshua, we often make decisions without seeking God's counsel, leading to compromises that are not in alignment with His will.

The End of an Engagement

My engagement came to an end after her parents' stance on the marriage license remained unchanged. This led to a painful but necessary breakup, emphasizing the importance of following one's convictions.

Reflections and Lessons Learned

In retrospect, the breakup helped me draw closer to God and reaffirmed my belief that marriage should be a covenant between a man, a woman, and God, without state interference. It also taught me the importance of asking for God's guidance in all matters.

Marriage Proposal

Conclusion: The Path Forward

While my engagement did not lead to marriage, it provided valuable insights into the relationship between marriage, the state, and God. It also reinforced the importance of seeking God's counsel in all things and reaffirmed my belief in the sanctity of marriage as a covenant before God.

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