Living the Word of God, a story about Marriage, Remarriage, Adultery and Divorce.


Listen to a woman's story that you do not hear every day.  A woman who is walking out repentance because of the idols in her heart that she mentions in Ezekiel 14. Wow. This story is something not talked about broadly in or out of Sunday services.  The Church of Jesus Christ needs to begin coming back to true repentance. How it looks to the individual will be unique on a case by case basis.  There's so much to consider and seek the Lord on surrounding this topic.

A very real and sober talk on marriage, divorce, adultery and remarriage.  Listen as this woman boldly, courageously, humbly, truthfully shares her testimony that quite frankly will shock many who hear it.  A demonstration of what it means to truly fear the Lord. I hope this encourages and strengthens you and your desire for God's Word over man's word.

Father in Heaven, may Your people grow in knowledge, understanding and wisdom in all matters of life.  Please increase discernment for people in the arena of marriage.  Let righteous, holy families arise in the earth with increasing measure.  Let repentance come forth in weighty measure. Let people turn to Your Word and obey it, even if it's painful to do so initially.  Let us make right choices, not poor choices. Praise You YHWH for Your mercy endures forever. You are good and there is none like You!  Thank You for mercy and grace upon the people and land of the United States of America. Save souls. In Yeshua's name. Amen


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