Is marriage a relationship to take seriously? Why should people take marriage seriously?

Marriage is a Commitment to be Taken Seriously

Marriage is a serious covenant and marriage to understand going into.

In reading this, it might seem like I am taking this whole marriage thing too seriously.  It is true, I am taking it seriously, simply because our society really does not have a clue how sacred, holy matrimony is to the Living God. To be honest, I did not have a clue until I intentionally started looking closely at the Scriptures. Marriage is not a casual relationship. Things get tough and we cannot move on any time we want. The culture is full of bad examples and bad advice on the subject of marriage. Sadly, this cultural mind-set has pervaded the Church. The more serious and sober-minded we can be about our commitment going into marriage, the more whole-hearted and dedicated we will be through out the relationship.

On a lighter note, it is possible to have fun in the journey of discovering who God has for you. Enjoy the process. Christians more than anyone else on the planet, have the opportunity to enjoy the purity of relationship without compromise.

Prayer for Unmarried Couples

Father in Heaven, thank You for purity, righteous and whole relationships that You are developing in this generation.  Thank You for the hunger and desire to be holy. Thank You for the beauty of holiness.  Pour out Your wisdom on those desiring to marry in the days ahead.  Let communication and understanding come forth between men and women. Let love and respect be a tremendous element in the marriage relationship.  I ask for Holy Spirit unity like there is in Heaven and Kingdom marriages are established in the earth to the glory of Jesus Christ. I ask for couples to have discernment as to what it means to be equally yoked. Let equally yoked marriages be established in the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit. Let the motive driving the desire for couples to marry be of You Lord and not the lust of the flesh.  I ask that the men of God arise in the earth to lead the family unit.  Restore the family as You created it to be in the earth YHWH. Let Your love come down upon these marriages and future marriages. In Jesus Christ's name I ask. Amen.

What are your thoughts on marriage and being committed to one person your entire life? Are you for marriage or against? Please leave comments below and share your thoughts about the realities of marriages.

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