#1 Best Seller on Amazon - The Biblical Marriage: For God or Government?

Amazing!  "The Biblical Marriage" has jumped to #1 Best Seller on Amazon in the Dating and Relationships category, #2 for Marriage category and #2 for Dating & Relationships category!

"The Biblical Marriage: For God or Government?" released for sale within less than a week and has sky-rocketed to the #1 Best Seller Position on Amazon.  This message about marriage in the United States of America could not have come at a better time.  With the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling regarding the definition of marriage, it's clear there's a major shift coming to the culture of America.  Bible believers are going back to the Book as to what God - the Creator of Heaven and Earth has to say about this very unique and special relationship.  

There is a revival taking place right now where people are seeking God's face for solutions on the topic of marriage.  "The Biblical Marriage: For God or Government?" is a book that addresses the problems surrounding the attempt to redefine marriage, while offering practical and real solutions to fundamental Bible believers moving forward.

"The Biblical Marriage: For God or Government?" answers questions about the purpose, scope and legalities of the conversation of what marriage is and is not.  For those fed up with the redefining of marriage beyond a man and a woman, this book is perfect.

Every Bible believer and those interested in the meaning of marriage needs to add a copy of "The Biblical Marriage: For God or Government?" to their personal library.  Share this eye opening, message with friends and family this holiday season.  This book could save Christian and Non-Christian marriages before ever saying, "I do."


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