Parens Patriae & Braveheart

Parens Patriae

[Latin "parent of his or her country"]

1. The state regarded as sovereign' the state in its capacity as provider of protection to those unable to care for themselves

2. A doctrine by which a government has standing to prosecute a lawsuit on behalf of a citizen, esp. on behalf of someone who is under legal disability to prosecute the suit parens patriae allowed the state to institute proceedings. The state ordinarily has no standing to sue on behalf of its citizens, unless a separate, sovereign interest will be served by the suit.

In the United States, the parens patriae doctrine has had its greatest application in the treatment of children, mentally ill persons, and other individuals who are legally incompetent to manage their affairs. The State is the supreme guardian of all children within its jurisdiction, and State courts have the inherent power to intervene to protect the best interests of children whose welfare is jeopardized by controversies between parents. This inherent power is generally supplemented by legislative acts that define the scope of child protection in a state.

This movie portrays the perfect example of Parens Patriae in affect, along with the attitude or perspective of the State Corporation mentality we live in today.  Via the marriage license you are in affect, turning over your rights to the State as parent to your children and sovereign over your marriage relationship.

The State, through licensing is letting you "voluntarily" self identify with one of the three categories:

1. Child
2. Mentally ill person
3. Legally incompetent to manage their affairs

When a couple signs the marriage license, basically they are communicating that they fall under 1 of these 3 options.  Which ever one you choose, it doesn't matter to them.  Therefore they will "manage" your marital relationship and affairs as occasion arises.  The State will gladly tell you what to do, when to do it, and how to do it if you let them because in effect you don't know how to.

In the beginning of the movie Braveheart, King Edward Longshanks makes the quote, "The trouble with Scotland is that it's full of Scott's.  Perhaps the time has come to re-institute an old custom.  Perhaps then Prima Nocte?  First night, when any common girl inhabiting their lands is married, our nobles shall have sexual rights to her on the night of her wedding.  If we can't get them out, we'll breed them out.  That should fetch just the kind of lord's we want in Scotland.  Taxes or no taxes, huh?"

The following scene a nobleman comes intruding in on a Scottish wedding announcing, "I've come to claim the right of Prima Nocta.  As lord of these lands I will bless this marriage by taking the Bride into my bed on the first night of her union.  It is my noble right."  The English nobleman claims "his right" to what in the movie is called "Prima Nocta or Noctis."  The philosophy behind this attitude, is rather than kick the Scottish out, they breed them out.  All the English nobles under the legislation of King Edward Longshanks, of England, approve the right for the nobles (English upper class) to sexual relations with the Scottish peasant virgins on the wedding night.  The implications of this will lead to a bastardized nation.  English and Scottish breeding causing the first born to be left without it's true father, divested loyalties and ruining the identity of Scotland.

To me this is very much what the State Corporation is doing with the marriage license.  They're attaching itself to Sacred, Holy Matrimony.  It's such a ploy to mess up families and the institution of marriage.

This idea of Parens Patriae or Prima Nocta has taken place for hundreds of years at different times in history.  It's a doctrine of control.

The thing I find interesting, why don't they simply set up a law allowing the peasant girl to sleep with the nobles, as they become an adult?  Why do they force this issue on the night of the wedding ceremony specifically?

I propose it's because of the intentionality of wrecking the family unit and marriages, while maintaining a taxable enterprise.  If there wasn't a man who was committed to a woman; both woman and baby would probably die in those days.  The ruling system can't have all the unwed women bearing children and dying because no one's taking care of them.  The whole purpose is to maintain a system of control, so the ruling class can still tax the peasants.  The nobles need someone to leech money off, so they don't actually have to work.

The entire story line of Braveheart is a depiction of what's transpiring here in our society.  Currently, the government in the USA is growing like a monster, out of control, requiring more and more money to sustain itself by the common blue-collar worker.  We see increased taxes, more governmental jobs that don't drive an economy, but suck up resources.  We see high paid government officials who receive high salaries, along with other monies received through private enterprise and campaign fundraising.

In Braveheart the Scottish "nobles" (who were under the rule of the English Nobles but above the peasant class - middle class for lack of a better description) never wanted to fight for their freedom because they could politically negotiate for more lands and titles.  In essence they were being bribed or bought off.  They were happy as long as they were taken care of and not living the peasant life.  The Scottish nobles had no loyalty to the common man.  Loyalty only remained to their purses. William makes a speech to Scottish nobles and says to them, "You're so concerned with squabbling for the scraps from Longshanks table that you've missed your God given right for something better.  There's a difference between us. You think the people of this country exist to provide you with position.  I think your position exists to provide those people with freedom and I am going to see that they have it!"

Robert the Bruce, the King in waiting, to Scotland, follows William out the door "Wait. I respect what you said.  But remember that these men have lands and cattle, much to risk."  William follows up with, "And the common man that bleeds on the battle field does he risk less?"

A righteous government is designed to serve the needs of the people in such a way so they are free to live a life of prosperity, not oppression.  When unrighteous government is in power the people are oppressed with taxes and unjust laws.  We're seeing this take place more and more in this country.  The taxes are continually increasing and the civil statutes are corrupted because of the love of money.  We see laws established because special interest groups are buying politicians, laws condoning baby killing, sexual perversion being condoned in various forms and a fiat currency that's totally corrupted, just to name a few.  This nation is anything but free.  There may not be chains and shackles hanging on our wrists and feet, but I assure you they are there.  They just look a little different in this nation.  The founding fathers and the men who fought for freedom in years gone by would be ashamed to see the current state of affairs regarding this nation, currently.

King Longshanks after learning William invaded the city of York says, "I will offer a truce and buy him off."  This is the State Corporation mentality.  Offering a little bribe to enslave an entire nation.  Rather than do what's right for all the people of Scotland, the King is willing to give a little to one man (William Wallace) who leads the destiny of Scottland.

Somehow the State, in America, has convinced the importance and supposed benefits of signing up for the "voluntary" State marriage license.  There are no real benefits for married couples.  We are bribed by the State into thinking, for whatever reasons, there are benefits when there really aren't any.

In the next scene with the Princess of England, sent on behalf of King Longshanks to offer the bribe to William Wallace, she says to William, "The King desires peace. He proposes you withdraw your attack. In return, he grants you title, states and this chest of gold."

William replies, "Lordship and titles, gold!  That I should become Judas?!"

The Princess replies, "Peace is made in such ways."

To which William quickly follows up, "Slaves are made in such ways!!!"

I agree with William.  There's definitely a cost people will have to pay for freedom, in whatever form you're desiring it.  What's freedom worth to you?  What are you willing to sacrifice and how far are you willing to go?

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