Give to Caesar, Give to God or both?

One might make the argument, I give Caesar the State Marriage License and I give God my marriage.  This argument sounds very convincing at the outset.  In the research I've done both the state and God don't agree with this logic. 

You're free to disagree.  I don't know that we can have it both ways.  The facts are, the State Corporation makes no mention of God in the terms and conditions. God makes no reference of the State Corporation in His terms and conditions (the Bible) when it comes to the topic of marriage.  He does warn His people to not make covenant with the nations surrounding Israel. 

In fact, we'll explore further how He commands us not to part-take in such things as a State Marriage License contract.  He alone ordains and approves marriage (working with parental permission), as it is written, "What God brings together, let no man separate." Through out history, God has given parents the authority to grant permission over their child’s marriage.

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