What does "Gay Marriage" really mean?

Does anybody know "gay marriage" is suppose to mean?

"Gay" by definition simply means - happy or excited

"Marriage" by definition simply means - the state of being in a legal relationship with the opposite sex

By the true definition of these words, it would mean two people of the opposite sex in legal relationship filled with happiness.  There's nothing illegal about this notion at all.

However, what is meant when people communicate the phrase, "gay marriage" - it's referencing two homosexuals making some kind of relational commitment to be together.  Another way of saying this idea might be, "homosexual covenant" or something along those lines?

Today, presently, the Federal US Supreme Court justices are meeting on a topic commonly referred to as "gay marriage."  This term "gay marriage" has become increasingly popular in both the United States and around the world.  Yet, the interesting thing is this idea has never received this much attention in all human history.

The irony and simplicity of this topic of marriage astounds me that there's even a discussion.

Marriage is and always will be defined as one male and one female in a committed legal relationship.  This special relationship goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden.  God created Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply, to fully populate the earth.  If God made two males or two females, humanity would not have gone anywhere.  Humanity would have long since died in the Garden, yet because God created male and female - thousands of years later humanity carries on.


The reason humanity exists thousands of years later is because of male and female relationships called marriage, which establish families and are completely pro "creation."

The idea of homosexual "marriage" is absurd because by definition "marriage" is a relationship expressly set apart for one male and one female.  By definition it is completely an exclusive relationship.

Homosexuals who claim, "discrimination" or "Where are my rights?" are not thinking clearly or logically.

What about people who want to define marriage another way?  For example, what about those who want multiple partners or God forbid "marry" something non-human?  Then they would be discriminated against as well.  The argument is not one of justice or discrimination, but a round about way to attack the Word of God and the Creator of heaven and earth - who defined marriage at the beginning of time.  This idea is an assault on freedom of religion and speech, by condoning wickedness, unrighteousness and ungodliness.

All of these individuals who claim "discrimination" fail to realize or recognize that EVERYONE is free to marry - one man and one woman (from birth - without a sex change operation, it's crazy to think this even needs to be stated).  There isn't any discrimination-taking place whatsoever.  Those practicing homosexual acts don't seem to desire this right, freedom and relationship marriage offers. This is completely 100% their choice and freedom not participate in marriage.

Other arguments or conversation pieces...

What about Bible believers and their children being told that what they believe is no longer legal and they're being taken to court for such convictions?   That is discrimination.  That is not freedom.  Such ideas go 100% against the United States Constitution.  We live in an hour where anything seems to go and everyone must buy into whatever the criminal elite dictate.  The truth is everything doesn't go.  There is accountability.  There is penalty for wickedness.  The Most High - Creator of Heaven and earth will judge each individual perfectly.  It's best to follow and do what He says, not what man says.

If those living the homosexual lifestyle want some kind of legal acknowledgement for their relationship to receive their "supposed" tax break, then they would be wise to attempt a different route.  They need to simply come up with a different term that identifies this relationship that's never existed in the history of humanity.  Petition the government for a specific license that is uniquely defined for their status.  Problem solved, from a world legal system and structure standpoint.  The only thing that the government and this community needs to be very concerned about is the Creator of Heaven and earth's perspective on the whole idea.  The fact is, as much homosexuals want to think they can change God, they can't.

You can't change YHWH, nobody can.  He's the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

His Word stands forever.  In fact, Jesus is LORD, every knee will bow and tongues confess this reality.  To anyone fighting for the legalization of the sin identified as homosexuality, it's HIGHLY advisable you begin reading the Bible.  If such a notion became reality, this nation is in for some major calamity.  It's my hope, prayer and belief this nation will turn away from the cliff it's driving towards and return to the fear of the Lord, repent and call on the name of Jesus Christ once again.

Hopefully the United States of America's Supreme Court judges realize what they're dealing with here in terms of the HUGE offense this idea is before the Living God.  His justice will pour out on this nation like water.   It will be worse than anything we've ever seen in history.  He will not sit by and let wickedness escalate much longer...

It's because of His great love He won't let it go on.  All we need to do is acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God, which He died and rose again on the 3rd day.  You can be saved from eternal punishment, translated into life and son-ship to the Living God!  His mercy and grace are new every morning!  May this nation turn from the choices of death and move towards the life and words of the Bible.

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